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2ème Rue, 20 – Zone Industrielle
6040 Jumet – Belgique

Tél : 0032 71 37 22 20
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On the basis of analysis of your needs, we undertake to transform, adapt or give to nine your rolling stock.

Industrial wagons and freight wagons, wagons for the transport of the ores and coal, the ballastiers, the wagons hopper dozator, the rail tankers, the power trolleys,…

According to your specifications, it can be a question of a setting in conformity of a wagon to the Russian, European or American standards, of a modernization and handing-over with nine of mechanics of an locomotive or of a rehabilitation according to your waitings.

It is possible to adapt the painting of your material, to add a personalized inscription to it.

This work is completed in partnership with workshops which meet the international standards.

The material of way is reconditioned to measure according to your specific needs.

Secondhand reconditioned material

Wagon ballast

Locomotive LDH125