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2ème Rue, 20 – Zone Industrielle
6040 Jumet – Belgique

Tél : 0032 71 37 22 20
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Study as a preliminary

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers analyze your needs. This study leads us to carry out the plans necessary to the realization of your project.

In all the cases, we will make a precise and meticulous study.

We can also answer specific problems requiring the creation of new adapted materials.

We can in this manner

- To improve the performances of the existing railway material

- To study and bring into service innovating railway complements (fixings, system of level crossing, poses anti-vibratory)

- To study and manufacture spare parts for railway material of old generation, but always used and in activity

Exemple 1 :

Creation of a multimode platform with harvest of dangerous liquids during unloading of trucks or wagon.

Problems: In order to evacuate quickly and in full safety the escapes of the toxic products during the unloading of the trucks, our customer ordered us a specific frame.

Intervention of Daxi: Our engineers proposed a multimode platform designed with specific cements.  Extremely of our experiment, we could adapt this platform to the management of the tank cars.

Exemple 2 :

Setting in conformity, modernization, handing-over with nine and transformation of an locomotive to the European standards

Problems: It is about a problem of type of coupling. The European standards are different from the American standards.

Intervention of Daxi: Execution of plans in order to make the coupling compatible to the standards imposed on the United States. Then, on the basis of these plan, we cut out the locomotive and replaced the mechanical system of coupling by an automatic coupling.


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