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Crossing levels

The elastic track application "Railflex" for crossing levels is characterized by a complete rail insulation carried out thaks to an application on continuous elastic boot and an elastomer rail clamps fixing. Therefore, the direct contact between the rail and its steel support is avoided.

Main assets of elastic material:
-Very high ability to support loads
-Very high ability to put power into store and to clear it
-Excellent tiredness endurance within the framework of repeated use
-High strength to impacts, even under negative temperatures
-Good strength to chemical agents and humidity
-Very high strength to cuts and abrasion
-Excellent maintenance of the specifications during time (not much ageing)

The Railflex system is acting bith dynamically and kinematically.


The vibrations due to the wheel rolling on the rail are filtered by the elastomer supports and their transmission to foundations is reduced thanks to the absorbing effect of the insulating material. The foundation is less in demand, its deterioration is slowed or stopped. Moreover, as the rail is supported elastically, the dynamic impact ratio (wheel on rail) is lowered, the wheel is less "agressive" towards rail which lead to a reduction of the wheels and rails wear.


When a rail fixed accordingly the Railflex system is subjected to a transverse use at rail top level, the rail moves a little bit aside while it bows down lightly.
This rails over-gap changes the kinematic conditions of the naturally curved axle's position effect and a more energetic return to the middle of the track in straight line.
These effects are also very favorable to the reduction of wheels and rail wear.

Adjustment of the « RAILFLEX » system to road crossing.

Description :

- The system described hereafter offers the following assets : quickness of implementation thanks to a maximum prefabrication ; quick implementation of railroad and road traffic ; easiness of rail substitution without road destruction ; no maintenance.
- The rails are put down on 2 steel gutters.
- The 2 steel gutters are linked together through streamlines.
- The "gutters/streamlines" set makes up a stiff frame of which the length is variable according to the needs.
- A wire grill is welded between the 2 gutters inner faces as well as the outside in order to set up a framework for the material which will be implemented for the finishing works of the level crossing (concrete, sand,...).
- The metallic frames are protected against rust.
- The frames are put in the gutters on a reinforced elastic boot and are fixed with elastomer rail clamps.

Conceivable options :

- According to the customers requests, an electric insulation of the 2 tracks can be considered.
- The system can be planned for straight sections as well as curves. In this case, a guard rail can be intended for the faint radius curves. The guard rail is also completely separated from the metallic frame, so from the foundation through supports and elastomer washers.
- The system can be implemented for different types of rails.
- The gap between the rail and the gutters inner faces is filled as following : in the gutter's bottom, a small grading gravel is poured on a 80 cm height.
The higher volume is filled with a suitable industrial foam.
If necessary, a water harvest device at the level crossings both ends can be suggested. The both ends can be adapted to the layout of the premises. At the level crossings both ends, a protection device against the coupler is planned.

Application :
- The frames are put down on the bottom of tracks form.
- The frames are leveled and brung into line with the track.
- The set is concreted (quick setting concrete)

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